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Our Services 

  • Nervous about a tree in your yard?  
  • Want your view back? 
  • Want your trees to look their best? 

Pruning is often the answer!

Pruned Ponderosa Pine trees

We offer:

  • Thinning
  • end-weight reduction
  • crown-cleaning
  • view enhancement pruning
  • pruning for safety
  • and more!

The difference is in the details

With pruning, it’s often difficult to compare different offerings from tree services. Do yourself and your trees a favor by looking at more than just a quoted price. Here’s why we’re different:

There’s a lot to consider when we’re pruning a tree. Making proper cuts allows a tree to heal over the wound as efficiently as possible; while a bad cut can forever damage a tree. Over-thinning or topping can damage a tree in ways that can take years to repair (if repairable at all). We study tree biology and physiology so that the trees we prune actually benefit from the care they receive!
It’s sad but true – some tree services will wear spikes on their feet to climb into your trees. There is ample science showing how bad this is for trees. It will pokes holes through a tree’s vital cambium layer leaving the tree vulnerable to insects and disease. Don’t let anyone climb your trees with spikes unless the tree is being removed!
We’re known for our clean-up. We try hard to leave every yard we work in at least as clean as we found it. You’ll hardly know we were there!

Certified Arborist Alex in the top of a Juniper tree

Tree Removals 

Anyone who knows us knows that we really love trees and love working with them but sometimes a tree just has to go. No matter where the tree or how big, we have the experience and equipment to get it down safely.

See Oliver Arbor Care in Action!


Stump Grinding

Tree removal and Stump grinding go together like peas and carrots.

Whether you have a tree coming down or an old stump you’re tired of tripping over, our stump grinder is the mean machine that can get the job done.

Our stump grinder in action


As an ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor, Certified Arborist and Municipal Arboriculture Specialist Dan Oliver often works with property managers, homeowners associations, and homeowners to help manage tree risk and assess health. The product of a formal consultation is usually a detailed Arborist Report.

We offer:

  • Tree Risk Assessments
  • Tree Valuations/Appraisals
  • Disease Diagnosis 
  • And more!

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