Unfortunately at this time we are not taking new customers.

If we’ve worked for you in the past, please feel free to reach out! If we haven’t, but you’ve been referred by someone who HAS worked with us, we’d be happy to hear about your project and assess whether we might be a good fit.

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Why Us?

We work our tails off to be the best tree service in Central Oregon. How?

We Know We Really Know Trees

For one thing, if you watch for it, you’ll see us in attendance at almost every conference and arboricultural training event in Oregon. We continually work to improve our knowledge-base and stay abreast of the latest in arboricultural science so that you can rest easy knowing your trees are in great hands.

Over-the-Top Customer Service

We strive to offer the best customer experience anywhere. It’s our goal to change the way you think about tree care by exceeding every expectation you have about ‘tree guys’. Your business means the world to us and we’re thrilled any time we have an opportunity to earn the trust of a brand spanking new client. Your entire experience with us – from the first phone call to the successful fulfillment of your needs – should (and, dare I say, will) be exceptional and seamless.

Some Promises (and an Outright GUARANTEE!)
  • We show up when we say we will (or call when the stars align to stop us)
  • We know trees and listen carefully to learn about your needs
  • We communicate clearly so you don’t have to wonder what to expect or when to expect us
  • We guarantee that when we’re done, you’ll be happy – because, if you’re not happy, we’re not done.
  • We’re Licensed, Bonded, and Insured for your peace of mind! CCB #215766


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