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ISA Certified Arborist, Dan Oliver
Dan Oliver| Certified Arborist, Qualified Tree Risk Assessor

Dan Oliver started Oliver Arbor Care in 2012. He’s a second-generation ISA Certified Arborist (PN-7275AM), ISA Certified Municipal Arboriculture Specialist, and ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified. He’s been working with trees professionally since 2002 (unless, of course, we counted the pruning his dad had him doing as a kid… but we won’t count that.)

Dan is passionate about trees and obsessed with cultivating an incomparable experience for his clients. He lived and worked as an arborist in Bend in 2009. During that time he saw a need for a more progressive and education-centric tree service in Central Oregon. After a two year period working as a crew leader/lead climber in Portland, OR and also attending school full-time to take as many business classes as he could, Oliver Arbor Care was born. From the beginning his goal has been to create a company that puts its clients first; that keeps up with research and industry standards so that Central Oregon can have the top-tier tree care it deserves. Dan truly cares about the customer experience and works continuously to exceed every expectation.   Email Dan

Alex Mattick, ISA Certified Arborist pruning an Aspen tree
Alex Mattick | Certified Arborist

Alex has been working with Oliver Arbor Care since mid-2013. He’s an ISA Certified Arborist (PN-7526A) and has been working in urban forestry since 2011. Coming from an extensive background in forest management in Southern Oregon as well as several years’ experience in urban forest tree care in the Portland area (where he worked with Dan Oliver at another company), Alex has a wealth of information and expertise to share with our clients.

We like to introduce Alex as a “Certified Arborist and all-around good guy” because it’s just plain true. Alex might just have the best attitude of anyone who ever lived. He’s got the education and experience you want in an arborist and he’s just plain good with trees. You just can’t help but like this guy. Email Alex

About Oliver Arbor Care

A Little More About Us

We’re obsessive about trees. Seriously. And that sounds great, right? But it’s not. We’re a danger on the road – ever-distracted by the trees flashing past – trees we’ve pruned and trees we’d like to prune. We’re a nuisance on the golf course – “it landed over by that Pine,” someone will say and we correct, “that’s a Deodar Cedar, not a Pine.” We’re a bore at the dinner table when the conversation invariably devolves into an arboreal argument about the best way to manage co-dominant Pine trees. And we’re downright judgmental when we see a tree that anyone else pruned (unless the work is good. And sometimes it is – depending on the company that did it – but that’s all too rare) – “look at those cuts!” “oh my gosh – the climber used hooks!?” “that thing is way over-thinned!” I could go on…

No, you don’t want us for friends.

But is there anyone you’d rather trust your trees to?

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